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Don’t forget your pet when planning for emergencies. If you have a dog, you will probably have to deal with an occasional injury that will require first aid.

It is always better to be prepared for these situations by having a well stocked first aid kit available.

Some of the items that you should keep in the kit are scissors, an ace bandage, antiseptic or antiseptic towelettes, Benadryl, Bacitracin or any triple antibiotic ointment, gauze pads, clean hand towels, tweezers, an instant ice pack, and tape.

For minor injuries such as scratches and small cuts, clean the wound well with warm water and soap. Bites from other animals are very serious. They can cause a lot of damage and a serious infection. Sometimes a cut is serious to cause enough blood loss to put the dog in shock.

If your dog has been hit by a car there may be many cuts, abrasions, and wounds. Some of the injuries could be minor and some may be more serious. Shock is very likely and time is precious in these cases. Don’t take the time to treat the minor injuries. Stop any major bleeding and transport your dog to the nearest animal hospital as soon as possible.

Remember that when an animal is injured they may bite at you when you are trying to care for their injuries. Keep a muzzle available in case you need it. Even very gentle and friendly pets will bite when they are hurt or scared.

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