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Pets can be extremely destructive to your furniture. Furniture that has bare exposed wood is a magnet to animals. Dogs love to chew on wood and cats love to scratch it. Scratching and chewing are natural instincts for dogs and cats and they need to exercise their natural urges. Many sofas and chairs have legs made of wood and these will be prime targets for destruction.

Furniture made from plastic laminates is highly pet resistant. You can find coffee tables, end tables, bedroom furniture, and dining room sets made from laminates. Pets do not like to scratch or chew on the plastic surfaces and they are easily kept clean.

Heavy vinyl and leather are very resistant to scratching and keeping them clear of pet hair is very easy. Pet hair can simply be brushed off from vinyl and leather furniture with a dusting rag.

When choosing new furniture that your pet won't destroy, the upholstery on your new furniture is a very important aspect to consider. Fabrics with a rough weave will catch pet hair and will be an irresistible surface for scratching. Claws will also easily ruin delicate fabrics such as faux suede and soft leather.

Many people who have pets are hesitant to purchase new furniture for their home. New furniture is a huge investment and even if you choose pet resistant materials for your new furniture your pet may still find ways to damage it. Provide alternative scratching objects for cats such as scratching posts and chew toys for dogs.

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