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As a pet owner you will want to make your home safe for animals and protect your furniture and valuables at the same time. A new puppy or kitten provides amusement as well as companionship, but you may need to rethink how you live.

A new pet is like a new adventure, you never know what to expect. New pets, especially puppies, kittens and other young animals, are curious and playful creatures. Before bringing a new pet into the home, take a look around your home and property. Young pets like to explore and consider anything in their path a potential toy.

Are there items that can be carried off?
Are there objects that look like fun chew toys?
Will the animal be exposed to chemicals or poisons?
Are there electric wires that can be chewed?
Are there places an animal can get stuck?
Are there fragile items that can be knocked over?
Plants and pets don’t mix. Many plants are poisonous to pets.
Chocolate can be fatal to dogs
Pets, especially cats, can scratch furniture, floors and cabinets
Check the cords on blinds and curtains to avoid strangulation.
If you have a puppy, make sure you hide the trash can.

If you have a cat you may want to buy a scratching post. Slip covers on furniture will help protect them, and use a repellant to key the animals off. In children's rooms, make sure the items laying around will not be an attractive chew toy such as shoes, gloves, socks and any other garments.

Make note of these hazards and deal with them accordingly. Once your pet is used to the surroundings and is properly trained you will have a great companion.

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