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Grooming is more than just a hair cut. It may include bathing, combing, brushing, clipping nails, cutting or shaving mats, cleaning ears, and controlling external parasites. Proper grooming is an essential part of owning and caring for a pet. You may not have the time, tools, experience, or physical ability to adequately groom your pet.

When selecting a pet groomer, it is important to decide the ideal location of your groomer and what arrangement works best for your schedule and for the comfort of your pet.

Most pet groomers are qualified for grooming any domestic animal, however pet grooming is not always a state-licensed vocation. Anyone can claim to be a groomer; therefore, it is important to get a referral. Check with neighbors who own pets, your vet and the Yellow Pages.

Once you have selected a quality groomer you should then stop by the pet grooming shop and observe the facilities. A quality grooming facility will be glad to accommodate this request and welcome your assessment of their shop and services.

Make sure that the facility is well organized, well lit, well ventilated and looks and smells clean and sanitized. Assess the shop’s equipment to ensure that pets will be relaxed and comfortable. Observe the groomers and their assistants and check to see how they handle the pets they are grooming.

A quality pet groomer will also have books displayed in the shop which illustrate past work the groomer has completed. While reviewing these books, look for a wide variety of different styles and lengths. This wide variety indicates that the groomer has a wide range of skill and ability and has experience with a vast array of animal breeds and the needs associated with different types of features.

Your pet depends on proper grooming in order to keep a manageable coat, healthy skin and overall healthy demeanor.Typically, a trained professional can more safely and humanely handle tricky procedures and temperamental or frightened animals. Keep in mind, however, that professional groomers aren't miracle workers; it's up to you to stay on top of your pet's grooming needs.

It's important for your pet to tolerate being groomed, regardless of how often you take him to a professional. To train your pet, groom him briefly when you're both relaxed. For example, begin by gently massaging his coat each morning as you feed him.

Gradually introduce a brush or comb. Each day, increase the grooming time and work on different areas. Reward your pet for cooperating. The more comfortable your pet feels with home grooming and around strangers, the better he'll tolerate professional grooming.

Take your dog for a walk before dropping them off at the groomers. If your dog has to eliminate, you'd rather he or she do it outside than on the groomer's table or in the kennel. This will save the groomer as well as your dog discomfort. Likewise, your dog should have been exercised before going to the groomer. This way your dog will be more calm and obedient.

All pets are priceless to their owners. In turn, spend the time and energy in selecting the very best groomer available to provide an enjoyable and healthy experience for your much-loved pet. Be prepared to pay a little more for extensive grooming services.

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