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Think celebrations are just for people?. Why forget mans best friends? Cat and dog costumes are just as popular as people costumes. They're a great opportunity to allow your dog or cat an opportunity to express his or her personality and for you to have a lot of fun. Pets love being the center of attention and celebrations are as good an occasion as any to give your pet attention.

What about all of the pet parades that are being produced all over the country? Without having to be overly creative, you can participate and have your favorite pet win the prize!

There are many unique selection of pet costumes in all types of themes and categories. Sometimes just a fedora or bandana will be the right touch. Other times you may want to go wild with more exotic ideas.

Here are some pet costume ideas: Classic Pet Costumes, Camouflage Pet Fashion, Biker Dogs on the Wild Side, Famous People Pet Costumes, Halloween Pet Costumes, Christmas Pet Costumes, All Things Scary Costumes, Animal Costumes, Characters Costumes, Devil Costumes, Disney Costumes, Doctors and Nurses Costumes, Fairies, Fall and Thanksgiving, Historical Eras Costumes, Insects and Flowers, Magical and Mystical Costumes, Mardi Gras Carnival Costumes, New Years Costumes, Pirate Costumes, Santa, Lion, Tiger Piggy, Bumble Bee, Witch, Caveman, Power Rangers Costumes, Religious Occupations Costumes, Royalty Costumes, Sports and Cheerleader Costumes, Superheroes Costumes, and Wizard of Oz Costumes.

Don't leave your pet out of the party! Have fun and be sure to take a photo of your pet. You will enjoy the photo for years as you share it with your friends.

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