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If you are not a pet lover yourself, you probably know one. Peoples' pets are no less than a part of the family. The genuine love they feel for their pets cannot be dismissed.

There are over 75 million pet owners in the U.S.
Twenty-eight million dog owners give their dogs Christmas gifts.
13 million celebrate their pet's birthdays in various ways.
13 million dog owners consider their dog their best friend.

There are many unique and fun pet-related gifts. Examples are animal clothing, animal-inspired art and jewelry, screen savers, puzzles, art, t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, posters, cat toys and dog toys, gourmet dog treats, dog birthday party kits, pet gift sets, pet owner gifts, dog clothing, dog and cat collars, harnesses and leashes, pet travel carriers, pet strollers, dog crates, dog and cat bowls, raised diners, pet toy and food storage containers, dog and cat tents, car harnesses, dog boots and caps, pet collar charms and pet memorials.

If you're considering giving a doggie bone to your friend's dog for Christmas, there are a lot more options. You might want to look around their place and see what their pets already have. Listed below are some pet gift websites that we found interesting.

Animal Pet Gifts & Collectibles - Specializing in Dog Breeds
Pet Lover Gifts - Find & Buy Gifts at
Gifts for Bird, Pond, Aquarium, Reptile, Small Pets, Dogs and Cats
Eco-friendly gift wrapping for dog and cat lovers.

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