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Owning and loving your pet is wonderful, but consider the rights of neighbors to enjoy their homes without the noise from your pets. Your sitting in your own place, you like it where you live, now take a moment to consider your neighbors.

Think about it, What do you expect of a good neighbor? Quiet, of course, but what else? Be aware of shared walls. If you're in a terrace, condominium, semi-detached house or any structure where you and your neighbours share adjacent living spaces animal noises can easily travel through the walls.

A barking dog can become a neighborhood annoyance. Excessive barking is frequently the result of boredom or anxiety when a dog is left alone for long periods of time. Regular walks and play periods with your dog and teaching it tricks will help prevent boredom.

If you have a particularly noisy dog, this may also become a source of contention for your neighbor. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how upset you'd be if you or perhaps your newborn was woken from a much-needed nap by the sudden yapping of a nearby dog.

Being a responsible dog owner is easy, but it involves many things. It means making sure that your dog does not roam freely, destroy property, chase livestock, maul children or other animals, leave excrement behind where he goes in public, or become a nuisance barker, or in other ways decrease the quality of life of others in your community.

Many communities have "pooper scooper" laws requiring owners to clean up after their dogs. Law or no law, cleaning up after your dog reflects your consideration for others.

If you have cat, it may love the great outdoors but your neighbors may not love the cat for it. Especially in an animal populous area. Keeping your cat indoors avoids problems with neighbors and protects your cat from being hit by a car, encounters with unfriendly dogs or attacks by other animals.

Are you aware of laws in your community regarding pets? Most communities require each dog in a household to be registered. Some have limits on the number of dogs and cats one household can own. Others control cats and birds.

A pet in good health is unlikely to spread disease. Keep your pets well-nourished by feeding a nutritionally complete and balanced quality pet food. Take them to your veterinarian regularly to keep their vaccinations current and to be certain they are free from internal and external parasites and in general good health.

An animal in heat is a friend to no one. It brings unwanted suitors, great anxiety and not a little noise. If you don't want to spay or neuter, think about boarding.

Being on bad terms with your neighbour can make your life frustrating, day after day. Take a few minutes to imagine what it would be like if your dog or cat lived next door to you. How would you rate your pet as a neighbor? As you enjoy your pet's companionship, a little extra effort on your part will teach it to be a good neighbor.

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