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Except for dogs and cats, most pets live in a cage where housebreaking is not an issue. Cats quickly learn to use a litter box, but house training your new puppy may seem like an impossible task. Many others before you have succeeded, and you will as well.

It is a time of adjustment, for both you and your pet, and if is best to keep your pet relegated to a certain area of the house until it is trained. It takes time and patience to house train a pet. In most cases, it will take a couple of weeks.

Knowing when it is time for the pet to go to the bathroom is one of the first steps to house training. Does your pet walk around in circles or do a funny dance before relieving himself? These are signals you must respond to if you wish to house train him properly, it’s your cue to take them outside. If you see your pet start to assume the position, pick them up and carry them to the designated area.

Once you’re outside, stay there as long as it takes for them to do his business. Take your pet to a spot specifically designated for this task each time it has to go. After they have relieved themself, praise them and let him know that they were a very good pet. Pet them and offer treats. If your dog messes in the house, let them know this is wrong. A stern, “NO!” will tell them this is not proper behavior.

It is a good idea to schedule specific times in which to take your pet for a walk to relieve themself such as the first thing in the morning and just before retiring in the evening. If trained properly, a pet will be able to last through the night or day without messing the floor.

Housebreaking can take a little time, but it's worth it in the end. After all, just think of all the time you're saving cleaning up after the dog!

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