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It's that wonderful time of year when a vacation is upcoming and all eyes in the family are turned towards getting away. Frequently that includes the family dog or cat who loves to travel and you wouldn't think of leaving them behind.

After all, the change in routine is good for them too. Besides, they're part of the family! Most pet-friendly hotels will offer amenities like food and water bowls as well as little extras like personalized ID tags and a bandana.

It's become a huge trend because the market demanded it. Pets are welcome in many places, from luxury to budget rooms. Your pet is a part of the family and finding hotels or motels that accomodate these family members should be made easy.

There are two main reasons driving the trend, customers want to bring pets along to enhance a vacation, and most owners feel guilty leaving pets behind in a kennel. Pampering services like massages, pedicures, personal chefs and birthday cakes used to be solely for humans, but these amenities are now being offered to well-pampered pets on the road.

It's easier than ever to travel with pets because many more hotels and motels now accept pets, taking the challenging and stressful planning out of your vacation dreams. Talk to friends, acquaintances and co-workers who have pets.

They may be able to recommend resources for pet-friendly vacations, or perhaps they've traveled to your desired destination with their own pets. Some will have restrictions that might apply such as weight or size restrictions or animal type restrictions.

No matter where you are traveling with your pet, be sure to follow basic safety rules. Never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle parked in direct sun, even with a window cracked. Temperatures can soar far beyond the outside temperature, killing your pet.

Even leaving your pet in the shade can be distressing, so leave plenty of water in a container that will not get toppled over, and check on your pet every 20-30 minutes.

Observe proper etiquette while vacationing with pets. For example, always keep your dog on a leash in public, and avoid leaving a dog alone in a hotel room. Trying to sneak into a hotel with your canine friend could get you kicked out before you even have a chance to settle in. - 25,000 hotels, B&Bs, ski resorts, campgrounds - Pet travel guide for dogs of ALL sizes. - Find a pet friendly hotel for your trip.

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