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No one expects to ever be separated from their pets but there is much proof that it happens, and in so many different ways. If it's happened to others, it can happen to you and yours. Why do pets get lost? Adventure-seeking, Boredom, Mating urges, Search for a better life, Fear-Induced Flight like thunderstorms and fireworks, Confusion, and Accidents.

A couple of effective methods of permanent pet identification have been around for a while: the microchip and the tattoo. Both have their own merits and should be taken into consideration by all pet owners.

The costs associated with microchipping and tattooing may enter into the decision as to which will be chosen. The charge for a pet tattoo application is relatively low already, and the microchip implant price will do just what most other high tech solutions do as their usage rises: it will be reduced. There are already many animal clinics and humane societies that charge about as little for the microchip implant as what pet tattooists charge.

If you are traveling to an EU Country and many other countries in the world a microchip is MANDATORY as the immigration officers use it to compare the pet they are scanning to the veterinary documents you have presented.

For travel to all Countries with the exception of CHINA you should use ISO 15 digit microchip that meets ISO standards 11784/11785. China requires the 9 digit chip.

It's so risky to ever let pets go without identification, and it is so easy to protect them. Talk to your veterinarian about what is best for you.

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