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Showing pets is a great sport where the thrill of competition is combined with the joy of seeing beautiful and often times talented pets. Pet shows also offer a dynamic showcase of pet products & pet services, as well as a wide variety of rare and beautiful animals. Pet lovers look forward to our annual events for a great, fun-filled family outing!

The Show Rules contain important facts about entry eligibility, entry procedures and the responsibilities of exhibitors. The standard for each breed provides a guide to the ideal cat and also lists color definitions and disqualifying features.

In a conformation show, judges familiar with specific dog breeds evaluate individual dogs for how well they conform to published breed standards. Conformation shows are also referred to as dog shows or breed shows. Conformation shows are typically held under the auspices of a national kennel club.

Dog Shows are great fun, cat shows are filled with lots of wonderful examples of well loved cats. If possible, first attend a show as a spectator. This will give you an idea of what to expect and what goes on at a show. You will also find that pet owners will spend money on anything for their animals.

There are also pet products shows which can be fun. The SuperZoo annual pet industry trade show in Las Vegas is among the largest for pet supplies with more than 700 exhibiting companies. The pet industry is growing with new products that are fun and interesting. There is no limit to the variety of products the pet industry can generate.

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