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Every pet is famous to the person who loves it. And let's not forget the family pets who offer their love and companionship to their humans each day.

And famous people own pets as well. Did you know that Mozart had a pet starling? And Lord Byron kept a pet bear? Lord Byron was not permitted to keep a dog in his rooms at Cambridge University, so he had a pet bear instead. As there was no mention of bears in the college statutes, the authorities had no legal basis for complaint.

Ever hear of Benji, Lassie and, of course, the venerable Rin Tin Tin? Of course you have. Everyone has. Dogs seem to get most of the glory, with the lion's share going to just a few. Although it seems we're living in a canine-centric world, there are many unsung heroes and celebrities in other species such as Babe the pig and Paulie the parrot.

Here is a list of some famous pets, not all of them of course.

Morris was a feline icon of 9Lives, Morris rejected his first dish 33 years ago. Morris' famously finicky nature has been passed down through three tabbies to the present Morris IV, who debuted in 2000.

Socks belonged to the Clintons. Socks was the first cat to grace the White House since the Carter administration (First Daughter Amy Carter owned a cat named Misty Malarky Ying Yang). She moved into the White House in 1993.

Millie, the first Bush dog who had a best seller on her life in the Executive Mansion.

Storm was a rugged German shepherd who appeared in many hit television shows. He played in many action shows, including "Adam 12," "Bonanza," Ironsides" and "Police Story."

Boots, a veteran dog actor of the 1940s, helped raise more than $9 million in bonds to support the American war effort during World War II. He appeared before troops at more than a 150 locations and performed before President Franklin Roosevelt.

Eddie from TV´s Frasier was a Jack Russell terrier born in Florida. After moving to Hollywood, he auditioned for the role of Eddie on “Frasier” and won the part.

Rin Tin Tin, along with his descendants have entertained and delighted audiences worldwide for more than 80 years.He remains the most recognized name in German Shepherd Dog history and is from the oldest continuous bloodline in the history of the breed.

Worldwide Wishbone is the Jack Russell Terrier, star of PBS, is a little dog with a big imagination.

Patsy Ann was a white bull terrier who captured the hearts and imagination of Juneau, Alaska, in the 1930's. The spirit of Patsy Ann lives on at the waterfront to this day.

Catarina was Edgar Allen Poe’s cat. The cat travelled everywhere with him and was the inspiration of his story, ‘The Black Cat’.

Tinkerbell is Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua. Tinkerbell has been famously lost and found and has even had a book published.

Sometimes even animals have pets. Koko the gorilla, as well as being famous in her own right, has had three celebrity pet cats of her own –All Ball, Lips and Smoky.

The oldest cat ever recorded was probably the tabby Puss, owned by Mrs T. Holway of Clayhidon, Great Britain, who celebrated his 36th birthday on 28 November 1939 and died the next day.

Lena, an American foxhound, produced a litter of 23 on 19 June 1944. All the puppies survived.

A tabby cat named Dusty (b. 1935) of Bonham, Texas, USA, produced 420 kittens during her breeding life.

In 1923, a collie named Bobbie, lost by his owners while they were on vacation in Wolcott, Indiana, USA, turned up at the family home in Silverton, Oregon six months later, after covering a distance of some 2,000 miles.

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