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Thousands of years ago, we humans formed a covenant with our companion animals. We wanted them to live with us and to share our lives. Because of this our pets lost most of their natural skills to fend for themselves. Sometimes they get lost.

When a beloved pet strays from home, it can be a traumatic experience for owner and animal alike. Pets often stray farther from home than their owners believe possible.

Familiar scents can bring them home. Place a recently worn article of clothing in your yard and for cats who usually stay indoors, place their litter box outside. Animals who have been lost for months have reunited with their owners.

Here are some guidelines to help you find your lost pet.
Be Persistent!!!!! Often times, well meaning people will keep a lost pet at there house for an extended period before turning the dog or cat into the animal shelter.
Go To The Animal Shelter. Only you can positively identify your pet. As much as they would like to help you, they cannot identify your animal over the phone.

Check the shelter at least every 72 hours. Unlicensed stray dogs and cats are only required to be held that long before they are euthanized. Most animals are never claimed, and if they cannot be adopted out, they are euthanized.

Send out a notice. A notice to local newspaper or radio station could work wonders.
Make up fliers. A flier with your pets description (with a picture if possible), including sex, color, tags, collars or distinguishing characteristics, the area lost and your information may help someone to contact you.

Post the notices on supermarket bulletin boards, Animal Services Lost and Found Board, schools, and leave them with nearby neighbors. If you live in an apartment complex, post notices by the mail boxes.

If you have recently moved, leave notices with neighbors in your old neighborhood, and check with agencies in that area. If you have lost a purebred dog, check with current Breed Rescue Clubs.

Check your area often. Also check the area at night. If your pet is in an area not familiar to it, it will only come out when it is quiet.
Above all...BE PERSISTENT!!
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