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Chewing is a natural activity for all dogs. Even when they are not eating a meal, canines chew bones for nutrients, such as minerals, or for the bone marrow inside of them. They may even chew things to pass the time.

As much as we like to think of our dogs as little people in fur suits, they are not. They have instincts. Sometimes those instincts interfere with what we perceive as civilized behavior. What we must do is accept our dogs' needs into our human reality. One thing that is important to keep in mind is that dogs do not chew to spite their owners, or to get "revenge." Dogs do only what is in their best interest.

Sometimes dogs chew because they have physical problems, because their teeth are causing them pain, or because they are bored. Dogs with allergies or fleas might chew themselves raw in an attempt to stop their itching.

Once you understand that your dog is simply being a dog, then you can find the cause for the behavior and try to determine a way to correct it. It is important for us to think like dogs and find out what was so appealing to them when they first chose to mouth that object. Dogs are creatures of habit. Just like people, they tend to keep to a schedule.

Providing your dog with interactive toys can prevent inappropriate chewing. Interactive toys include puzzle toys and moving toys that hide treats.

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