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Dogs make wonderful friends. However sometimes you don’t want them getting that close to you because they smell too strong. In most cases, a dog’s odor is the result of one of three things: diet, disease, or grooming.

Diet is by far the most common culprit. Much of modern dry dog food is filled with additives and preservatives. Buying quality food can help eliminate dog odor.

Poor grooming of dogs can cause the haircoat to be a source of unpleasant odor. A coat that is not kept clean and groomed can trap dirt and other substances with unpleasant odors. To help reduce odor, egularly comb your pet at least once every couple of days. Washing your dog helps a lot in the battle against foul smells.

Keeping your dog healthy will go a long way toward the dog smelling better. Make sure you take your dog to a vet for regular check-ups.

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