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There are several different types of dog training collars available on the market today and each has its own benefits and downfalls. The training collar, called the choke collar, comes in three different styles; the nylon, chain, and prong collars. While the nylon and the prong collar are both great training tools this article will address the issues of the chain style choke collar.

The choke chain training collar is designed to correct the dog in the same way that its mother would correct it by grabbing the misbehaving pup by the back of the head. The choke chain puts this same pressure equally around the neck when the dog pulls, then releases immediately when the dog stops pulling or comes back to its owner.

To perform a correction with the choke chain training collar, pull the collar firmly and quickly while giving the command “No!” with a firm voice. Release the tension on the collar immediately.

Don’t continually jerk on the choke chain as this can cause damage to your dog. Remember to replace the collar as your dog grows. Choke chain collars should never be used on very young puppies or breeds with flat faces, very short muzzles, or protruding eyes.

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