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Dogs can be great additions to any family. Kids love animals, and they often form close bonds with the family pet. There are several dog breeds that have a reputation for being very good with children. There are kid-friendly dog breeds in small, medium, and large sizes.

The most common mistake parents make when buying a family dog is choosing a dog which is cute or the right size rather than considering breed and temperament. When picking a breed or mix, it is important to consider the children who will be with the dog.

In looking at considerations, one of the first is size. This includes the size of the children as well as the size of the dog. It is generally recommended that adult weight of a family dog be over 15 pounds. This is for the dog's safety. For the childrens safety, large, high-energy dogs that can knock children over or dogs that bark excessively may not be good choices. There are plenty of lists of breeds good with families and we all know certain breeds, like Golden Retrievers and Labradors, are fantastic with kids.

A common worry of new parents is how their dog will react when they bring a new baby into the house. Many parents often worry about potential health risks for their children, which we will discuss later in this article. Most dogs do fine when a baby is brought into the house.

Very few bites happen without provocation -- but the provocation may exist only in the dog's mind! We need to realize that dogs are not little people in furry costumes. They don't think in the same way that we do. They look at the world around them with a different perspective. Most of their actions are instinctive.

The sight of a child and a dog napping together on the sofa or the floor, playing in the yard, or contemplating the sunset is a wondrous thing. The potential relationship between a child and the dog who considers himself the family guardian is precious, and it needs to be nurtured and guided. Families can accomplish this by teaching the dog and the child to respect and cherish each other.

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