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Everyone claims to have the smartest dog. Are there actually breeds that truly are smarter though? Is it possible for a dog owner to claim their dog breed is the smartest, and it be true? The answer is yes.

Many of the smartest breeds can be found in the herding group of dog breeds, because of the abilities required of a dog in herding. Border collies are almost always ranked in the top three of most intelligent, often in the first position.

They excel in anything requiring speed and quick thinking, including agility, flyball, frisbee, and the thing border collies are most known for: herding. They do so well in herding because of their ability to make quick decisions and to pick up on commands and calls quickly. Border collies are great at playing frisbee in the backyard.

German shepherds are also a very smart breed, often found serving as police dogs or search dogs, guardian dogs, and service dogs. They are intelligent and powerful dogs, fearless and confident.

The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular family pets because of their easy going nature and easy trainability. They are not from the herding group, but the sporting group, and excel at being family pets.

Smart dogs are a joy to have, and most certainly keep you guessing as to which of you is actually the smarter species.

That is half the fun of owning an intelligent dog though, because no matter which breed you choose, you will constantly be amazed at just how smart they really are.

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