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Dogs seem to love water or hate it. Start with a freestanding tub, unless you plan to use a stationary tub in the basement or your bathtub. If your dog is large, you may want to set aside a special place for bath time to save splashing and scratching on interior walls. The garage, shed, basement, or breezeway provides shelter and limited space for an excitable pet to make a wet mess.

You will need dog shampoo, though a human product works well, too. Don't use anything that is heavily perfumed. Most dogs dislike artificial floral aromas and will roll in the grass or dirt to remove the smell from its coat.

Get a de-tangling comb to suit your dog's coat and a canine toothbrush for teeth care. Use moist cotton swabs or cotton balls to gently clean debris from inside your pet's ears and nostrils, or under his nails or tail.

Offer your pet a treat and get started. Associating bath time with fun or flavor can help to coax a reluctant pet into the water. After the bath, give your dog some space to run around to dry. Your dog will want to shake off extra water periodically so take them outside if possible. Plan to wash the bedding and furniture to get rid of pet smells. Both your dog and you can now relax until the next time.

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