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You don't have to give up your love of dogs simply because you live in a small space. A small dog goes perfect with a small space. But don't rush right out and pick up just any small breed canine. There are several characteristics you should consider when searching for your new companion.

Small dog breeds actually range in size from under five pounds to over 20 pounds. A large apartment may seem like a vast and desolate area to a tiny breed, while a dog on the larger end of the small dog spectrum may overwhelm a small studio.

All dogs need time and room to play. Many indoor dogs are content with routine walks, while others obtain plenty of exercise within the confines of your home. Recognize whether you have time for leisurely strolls through your neighborhood or mini breaks on the living room floor.

Do you work at home? If not, you should keep in mind a breed's ease of housetraining before introducing your new pet to your apartment. No one likes to step in puddles after a long day at work, so the task of potty training your dog is essential to congenial living.

While most people might not mind the occasional yip or bark from a neighboring dog, hardly anyone will put up with a constant racket. Most dogs require training to refrain from yapping at every noise.

Whether you are a parent or you only occasionally entertain children in your home, a dog's tolerance level for tots should be taken into account. Many small breed dogs make up for their diminutive size with a quick temper.

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