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It's time for your dog to go to school. Successful training of a dog means having a consistent program. Fifteen Minutes a day is really all you need for a happy, well-trained dog.

When you see someone with an extremely well trained dog, do you wonder how he or she ever did it?

In your mind are you imagining the hours and hours that must have been spent getting this dog to behave so well? If so, you may be surprised to learn that you can have a well-trained dog in just 15 minutes a day if you follow a few basic rules as described below.

Contrary to popular belief, the most important part of training a dog is not the time you put in, but rather consistency. Before you start training your dog, be certain of what you want and the commands that you will use, and then never waiver.

If you tell your dog to sit and they don’t, go to them and make them sit. If you make it clear that you will get what you want, your dog will give it to you willingly and happily.

Another important thing about training is making the experience a positive one. When your dog responds correctly to your command, praise them. Your dog wants to make you happy, and petting or treats will show them that they have done this.

Make sure you and your dog both have a positive training experience by not overworking your dog. This is where the 15 minutes really comes into play. If you work with your dog for hours, they will get tired. Just like us, when your dog is tired, they will not do as well.

Dogs bark for many reasons. Most of the time their barking is intended to tell you something that they think you need to know. The important thing that they need to learn is that when they are told to stop, they should stop.

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