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Maintain a normal routine. Do your packing over time and make every effort to keep your pet's routine as normal as possible.
Keep your pet secure on moving day. Place your pet in a quiet and safe place, such as the bathroom or a pet carrier. Get your pet used to the carrier ahead of time by having the animal spend time in it prior to moving day.
Purchase a new ID tag for your pet. Get an up-to-date ID tag with your new address and telephone number. This is a lost pet's ticket home.
Safe Car Travel. A pet travel harness, travel carrier or a pet barrier are the best ways to keep your pet safe. Keep your pet's head inside the windows, make frequent pit stops, and don't leave your animal alone.
Talk to you pet's vet. If your pet doesn't like to travel, your veterinarian can recommend behavior modification tactics or medication that might lessen the stress.
Prepare your new home. Be sure to take with you all your pet's favorite toys, blankdts, dishes and other items. These remembered objects will make your new home familiar and help you to maintain a normal routine for your pet.
Find pet friendly lodging in advance. See listings on the internet for a selection of pet friendly accommodations.
Have a pet photo with you. In case your pet becomes lost, it is important to have a recent photo on hand.
Cars get hot when closed up. The weather may be perfect, but it is still hot under your pet's fur. Make sure your petshave water, shelter and never leave you pet in a vehicle with the windows up.
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