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Getting your first cat or kitten can be a huge step. You have made the decision to add a new member to your family unit and are aware of the changes that it will make.

But you know in your heart that the pleasures it will bring far exceed the cost and challenges of a new cat. Everyone who gets a cat finds they bring joy and happiness into their lives. Kittens are little bundles of energy and love.

The new addition requires a little planning and purchasing..

Food: Specifically formulated food for young kittens will get them on the way to a healty life. Young kittens may not have the teeth to handle crunchy food. While many people adopt kittens at an age where they can handle crunchy food, care is required in selecting the right food and be sure to get a water bowl.

A Place To Sleep: Cats will find many places to sleep around you home, but a warm and cozy sleep area designed for them is always a plus. It needs to be a place where they feel secure from other pets and people. It should be in an area where they feel they are part of the family, a comfortable location where the cat won’t mind taking a peaceful slumber.

The Litter Box: Cat litter comes in many different forms from recycled paper, wheat pellets, pine pellets, and clay. Recycled paper and wheat are environmentally friendly, renewable sources for litter.

The Scratching Post: A cat, especially a young kitten, needs somewhere to scratch their claws. It is just part of their growing up. So start them off with scratching post to reduce their scratching on clothes, couches, and carpet.

Cat Carrier - Sooner or later you will need to take you cat to the vet. A cat carrier that has plenty of room will be needed to safely transport your cat.

To help hold down your initial costs, check with friends who already have cats to see if they have any extra items they might want to get rid of. Who knows? They may even have a free kitten!

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