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Grooming not only stimulates the circulation and improves muscle tone. Regular grooming will also strengthen your relationship with your cat, allowing you to spend quality time together on a regular basis.

The most important aspect of the grooming routine you establish will be combing and brushing.

The tools you use and the frequency of the grooming sessions will depend on the kind of cat you have. If you have a shorthaired cat, you should begin with a fine-toothed comb. If your cat has long hair, begin with a brush instead of a comb to get rid of tangles. Then use a wide-toothed comb for utmost effectiveness.

If someone is allergic to cats and dogs, particles from animals can trigger an allergic reaction. Many have noticed white dandruff-like flakes on their cats. It's called dander.

Because animal dander is an allergen, allergy-related symptoms can occur when people breathe the skin cells in. Humans shed skin cells too – you’re just not allergic to them.

Everyone knows that cats spend a lot of time primping, cleaning themselves. But a little help from their owners makes for a great looking cat.

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