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Cats are popular as pets. Cats are the most prevalent domesticated animal, over 63 million of them are kept as pets around the world! Cats outnumber dogs among household pets.

They don’t require much space and usually adapt well to apartment and indoor living. Cats bring joy and happiness into peoples’ lives everyday. Kittens are little bundles of energy.

What draws many to the cat as a pet is their beauty and grace. Cats come with long and short coats, and in a large variety of colors. Cats are independent. They tend to approach life with a careless sort of air that irritates some people and captivates others. A cat eats when it wants to, sleeps when it wants, plays and socializes when it wants. A cat has its own timetable.

Cats usually are very attached to their families. Cats tend to pick up on strong emotions and will often seem to decline in health or energy after the death of a family member.

Cats can live beyond twenty years of age. So, when considering a pet you must keep in mind that this is a lifelong commitment. The animal should be brought into your home to be part of the family for life.Think seriously about this important step, which is much like entering into a marriage.

If you cannot afford veterinary care for a cat, you should not get one. Do not think that you can get a cat and never see the vet. Annual shots and examinations are a must for keeping your cat healthy; certain vaccinations are required by law in different areas.

Other routine costs include cat food, cat litter, litter pans and scoops, and other cat paraphernalia such as scratching posts and cat trees.

Cats can bring so much in to your life. They are wonderful, intelligent, expressive creatures who can bring you vast amounts of joy and happiness. There is nothing that can compare to having a wonderful animal companion.

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