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Cats are a unique animal, especially when it comes to their diet. Domestic cats are not very different from their wild cousins in that they are use to eating almost a total meat diet.

Some people like to feed home-made diets which they have prepared themselves from human foods such as raw or cooked butchers’ meat and fish.

This is the most complicated way to feed cats and is unlikely to provide a balanced diet, therefore, it is best avoided. Cats will not prosper on a low protein diet and will use their own body protein if not fed enough. They require a high level of dietary protein with different nutritional needs.

Cats will eat the amount of food they need for their individual energy requirements. Finding the right diet, amount to feed them, the food smell and taste for your cat is just a case of trial and error. Fresh, clean water available around the clock helps the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Cats also need a supply of water to regulate body temperature and keep their system flowing.

Try not to overfeed your cat. Fat cats have more illness.

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