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Adopting a pet cat is a great choice. Cats bring joy and happiness into peoples’ lives everyday. People can bring that same sense of joy to a cat by adopting a homeless one from an animal shelter.

We recommend you adopt from a shelter. Most of the cats that have come under their care have been given medical examinations, vaccinations, flea and tick treatment, and most of them get spayed or neutered during their stay as well. Most shelters charge a minimal adoption fee.

Adopting a cat means being responsible for his or her health and happiness that should take the relationship through all of life's transitions, such as moving. Cats can live 15 to 20 years.

Consider adopting an adult cat. An adult cat already has a fully developed personality, so you know what you're getting. Adult cats generally adapt just fine to new homes and bond just as strongly with new families as kittens do. Also, adult cats are much less likely to be adopted.

It is recommended that you consider adopting two cats if there is no one home during the day. Two are company for each other--and two will bring more love into your life.

While cats are usually thought of as low maintenance pets, there are still some lifestyle changes that need to be made when adding a cat or kitten to your household.

You will need to make some changes before bringing kitty home. Make sure potentially dangerous items are put safely away, out of your cat's reach – rubber bands, string, moth balls, curtain cords, poisons and shopping bags with handles. Also, be sure to make yourself aware of which household plants may be poisonous to your cat.

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