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Foods that we eat may be harmful to pets, Chocolate, coffee, and tea all contain components that are dangerous to animals. All chocolate, fudge and other candy should be placed out of your pet's reach.

Many pets are attracted to the sweet taste of drinks, especially eggnog, so be sure to pick up any drinks, including alcohol, as the can cause harm to your pets.

Never let you pet chew or eat Holly, Mistletoe, Poinsettias, or Hibiscus, as they are very toxic. Christmas trees and their decorations can create hazards for pets. your pet should always be supervised when in a room with a tree. Tinsel can cause blockages, which often require surgery to remove.

When choosing a holiday gift for your special friend, be sue it is safe, no small pieces that could come off and be swallowed. Make sure to remove ribbons or ties before you give a give a gift to your per.

Chooses healthy holiday treats for your pet and give them in moderation. The holidays should be a happy time for you and you pet, not a time for an emergency.

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